Collecting matchbox labels
Well it seem's that every time i go to my computer, my homepage changes. This place has become my playground. You might as well get use to it. The site will properly change for every time you go here. The pictures and the labels, will still be the same, but every thing else can have make a change. The last update was made 20. july 2004
This site is not a catalogue, and you will find only a short description, for each set of labels. Feel free to take as many copyes, as you like.

The site was made in 800 x 600 Pixels x 32 bits colors. You will when you enter it, by using F11 get full screen. When you leave the site you just press F11 again, and you will have your normal window back.

It has been fun so far making this site, and I hope that you will have some fun too, looking at it. All art, besides the tags, is original copies. Unfortunately the java applets on the site, if you download them, you will get a tag from the creator. If you dont like that, you'll have to buy them.


Århus, 24/04 2010

 My name is Mogens Langhoff Rasmussen I´m from Denmark. You can reach me by mail :